Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Welcome to AV Now Fitness Sound's Blog!
This is where we'll be posting articles and info on all aspects of the Fitness/Group Ex and Aqua-Aerobics sound systems and products- including plenty about choosing and maintaining 'fitness rated' wireless mic systems.

We have room here for more in-depth info and tips about all things related to Fitness Sound- things that are perhaps too long for our Facebook/social media, emails or other ways of communicating with fitness professionals.

AV Now Fitness Sound is America's largest provider sound products to the fitness industry - and we manage to do it with a personal touch and our always-free sound advice. You can find out more about your "one-stop for everything related to fitness and aqua-aerobics sound" by visiting our info/about us page at www.avnow.com. The direct link is: http://www.avnow.com/aboutus.asp

Thanks for dropping by our Blog. Check back often for new articles info- and of course, please feel free to add comments, ask questions and share whatever you wish.

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